how to make a pbandj

how to make a pbandj

How to Make a Panga

How to make a page is a question that can be answered by asking the right questions. How to make a page requires you to have a lot of information, to think about the process and to know what you are doing. You can get some ideas by visiting a few pangos in India, by asking people you see out. You may want to start with a kata, which is a base of the movements and by working your way through the steps of the kata you will know how to make a panga. The basic movements of the kata are: to stand, to stand sideways, to stand on hands and knees, to do shoulder shrugs, standing on knees and palms up, to bend forward, to twist the torso and then to return to a standing position. Once you know how to make a panga you can move on to do the variations that include certain movements but not all of them. This is where you need to take time to think about your movements and to learn how to make a page that works for you.

A panga in itself is not that hard, as the name suggests. You can make it either as a figure of eight or the figure of two or more triangles or circles. You can either make the square or the triangle to suit your taste. You can also make them as per the arabesque patterns. In making a page you have to place one foot on the ground, rest the arm in a position that would allow you to stretch your neck. Then you have to keep one hand on the ground and then bend your back slowly and, as you are bending your spine raise your leg so that you can be in a position to raise your arms in a circular motion.

Some experts will tell you that you can practice the movements a lot before you actually start to make a panga. This is true, if you are just starting with the exercises, but later on you will get to know how to make a panga that is already mastered. The only thing you have to remember is that you should only work on your muscles if you really want to be a good dancer. If you are too comfortable with the movements then you cannot make a page and you will only get frustrated. For that reason you need to practice a lot to master the dance before you are ready to make a panga.

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