Onion Coca-Cola
I’m not sure what fresh hell this is, but I had more respect for Coca-Cola.
Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda
Placenta 4000
Finally, a drink that takes your womb to the next level. The Japanese drink is made out of pig placenta and expecting mothers drink it for the health benefits.
Spaghetti Soda
Dirt Soda
For those folks who don’t want to go outside and get a fresh cup of dirt for themselves.
Butter Soda
Yogurt Pepsi
Ever felt the urge to stir yogurt into your Pepsi? Me either! Leave it to Japan to invent this insane flavor.
Ketchup Soda
Jones Turkey and Gravy Soda
Jones is known for their unusual seasonal flavors, but is this taking it a step too far?
Ranch Dressing Soda
Buffalo Wing Soda
I hear it pairs nicely with the ranch dressing soda…
Black Garlic Soda
Egg Soda
Also known as soda sua hot ga, the drink is popular with Vietnamese folks. It’s a mixture of raw egg, sweetened condensed milk, and club soda. Yum.
Mustard Soda
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