The sole survivor of a race of thoughts-controlling worms from Venus, who had plans to invade and take over the Earth. Mr. Mind continues their objective whereas also clashing with Captain Marvel/Shazam. The most diabolical of the mind-enthralling Venusian worms first made his method to Earth stowing away aboard the Magellan space probe.

revealing to Billy that he’s utilizing him as a bunch and never Doctor Sivana. Mister Mind states to the Shazam Family that he plans to use C.C. He then proceeds to summon the Monster Society of Evil leaving Dummy behind who is tricked by Superboy-Prime into releasing him.

Shazam Reveals Mister Thoughts’s Greatest Weak Point

Mr Mind claimed to be from an alien planet of worms, however he was more intelligent than any other. Mister Mind and Doctor Sivana plan to go to the Monsterlands to be able to construct the Monster Society of Evil from its inhabitants. As King Kid fights the Shazam Family in Philadelphia, Doctor Sivana and Mister Mind are directed to a ship by Dummy who can’t accompany them since he cannot cope with water. When they arrive at the Dungeon of Eternity, Mister Mind states that the inmates of the Dungeon of Eternity were gathered from all over the Magiclands and imprisoned for difficult the Council of Wizards. In addition, Mister Mind acknowledged that the Monsterlands was once called the Gods’ Realm until the day of Black Adam’s betrayal which led them to strip the gods of their powers and close the doors to the Magiclands.

mister mind

As you may think, this didn’t precisely invite Mister Mind to develop constructive feelings about the superhero. The current model of Mister Mind, introduced by Jerry Ordway in his Power of Shazam! collection, is a worm from the planet Venus, possessing powers which embrace thoughts management, telepathy, and mental picture projection. This Mind is the one survivor of a race of mind-controlling Venusian worms, and irregularly seems in DC Universe stories looking for hosts and/or clone himself.

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