I think we’re all abundantly aware that many parts of the world may not be huge fans of Americans right now. I’m not gonna get into the politics of it, but suffice to say we do kind of stand out. Mostly it’s for our sheer awesomeness, but according to people abroad, Americans also stick out for the most wholesome reasons. Don’t agree? Take it up with the rest of the world, I’m just the messenger.
I’m just naturally suspicious of everyone so I don’t get this one. Wait…
It’s only weird because no one else does it. Right?
No one likes to shake hands with cold fish.
Guilty as charged!
You’re talking about a country with a Starbucks and Walmart on every corner. Yes, everything is a jungle compared to that.
This is wholesome, but sad, but wholesome.
How much do they pay bartenders across the pond? They must be a surely bunch of bar winches to not get tipped.
Have you ever tried to drive across Texas? it would take you at least two days even in a time machine.
Guilty again.
There’s just something about the sound of our own voices…
You know what they say, “The stars at night, are big and bright…”
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